Connecting a Domain without Nameservers

If you are unable to change your domain's nameservers, you can still connect your third-party domain to your Site by using a combination of a DNS CNAME record and a 301 Redirect.

Begin the process in the Cargo Admin: → Use a Personal Domain → Enter a Third-Party Domain.

In this field, enter the www version of your domain: www.example.com. Bare domains like example.com can't be configured using this method.

Then change the DNS CNAME record for your domain's www subdomain to point to Cargo’s subdomain URL:

For an example of this configuration, see this iwantmyname article.
Note: Use this record as-is; it should not be changed to your Cargo site URL.

Finally, configure your bare domain to redirect to your www subdomain. This is often called a Web Forward or 301 Redirect. The naming and configuration of this option will vary between services. For example, see this iwantmyname article on domain forwarding.