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Moving from Cargo 1 to Cargo 2

Cargo 2 is a new platform; to start you will need to create a new site. Content from existing sites can be copied over to Cargo 2.

Quick Facts
  • Cargo 2 is optional existing sites are not affected
  • Watch a video on how to move an existing site to Cargo 2
  • Cargo 1 sites retain current pricing
  • Cargo 2 sites are $14/mo when billed yearly, or $19/mo when billed monthly.
  • Cargo 2 sites are free for personal use; an upgrade is required to take them public


What will happen to my existing site?
Nothing. Existing Cargo 1 sites are not affected when you make a site on Cargo 2, and will continue to function normally. Once you launch a Cargo 2 site you can choose to delete your Cargo 1 site, although this is not required.

What will happen to my existing upgrade?
If you have an active Cargo 1 upgrade, this will cover your Cargo 2 site for the remainder of the upgrade’s duration. When your Cargo 1 upgrade is due for renewal, you will receive an email offering the option to choose between keeping your Cargo 1 site upgraded, or upgrading your Cargo 2 site. Note that a Cargo 2 upgrade is $99 yearly (or $13 monthly). If your Cargo 2 site has not yet been covered under a Cargo 1 upgrade, you can do this through the Cargo 2 Admin: Settings tab → UpgradeOr transfer an Upgrade.

What will happen to my Domain?
If you have a personal domain connected to a Cargo 1 site, creating a Cargo 2 site will not affect it. When you’re ready to launch your new Cargo 2 site and move your personal domain from your Cargo 1 site, some additional DNS configuration is required. See this page for instructions.

How do I copy my content to Cargo 2?
When first setting up a Cargo 2 site, you’ll see a dropdown menu where you can select which site to copy content from. If you don’t see this option, make sure you log in to your Cargo 1 site before setting up your Cargo 2 site. If you have already created a Cargo 2 site, you can copy your content by going to the Settings tab and clicking Import Content from a Cargo 1 Site.

What happens to Files I’ve uploaded to my Cargo 1 site?
When you copy over content from Cargo 1 to Cargo 2, any Files you’ve uploaded (PDFs, MP3, Webfonts, etc.) are copied over as well. On Cargo 2 you can access these by opening the Images submenu when editing any page, and clicking on the Files icon: ︎

What is the price difference between Cargo 1 and 2?
Cargo 1 sites retain their current pricing at $66 yearly (or $9 monthly). (Prices are in USD.)

Cargo 2 sites are $14/mo when billed yearly, or $19/mo when billed monthly.

Is Cargo 2 by invite only?
No, Cargo 2 is open to everyone.

Does Cargo 2 offer a free option?
Cargo 2 is free for personal use, but an upgrade is required to make your site publicly available.

Video: how to move to Cargo 2

In this Video:

Examples of Cargo 1 sites 
Starting a site on Cargo 2
Copying over content from Cargo 1
Editing global Design settings
Editing Pages
Setting the Home page
Configuring the Wallpaper Backdrop
Configuring Text styles
Using a Thumbnail Index

Turning Pages on and off
Renaming a Set
Setting up a site navigation menu
Pinning a page
Laying out content copied from Cargo
Using the Columns tool
Making an Image Gallery
Connecting a personal domain name
Editing DNS settings

Start a Cargo 2 site now︎