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Moving from Cargo 1 to Cargo 2



Transfer a Cargo 1 Upgrade to Cargo 2

If you have an active Cargo 1 upgrade, it can be used to upgrade your Cargo 2 Site. This complimentary upgrade only lasts until the Cargo 1 upgrade ends and will not auto-renew along with your Cargo 1 subscription. When this complimentary upgrade ends, you have a few options with how to proceed. You can find these options inside your Site Admin:  → Your Plan.

  • Transfer your Cargo 1 Upgrade subscription to a Cargo 2 Site — If you no longer want to keep your Cargo 1 Upgrade, you can choose to transfer its subscription directly to your Cargo 2 Site. This will end your Cargo 1 Upgrade subscription and begin your Cargo 2 Upgrade subscription without forcing you to go through the payment process again. However please note that there is a price increase for Cargo 2: $99 per year (or $13 per month).

  • Purchase a new Upgrade subscription for your Cargo 2 Site — Choose this option if you wish to keep your Cargo 1 subscription intact, so that your Cargo 1 and 2 sites will have concurrent and separate Upgrade subscriptions. You can cancel your Cargo 1 upgrade at any time in your site Admin: → Your Plan.

  • Cancel your Cargo 1 Upgrade — Choosing this option will end your Cargo 1 Upgrade subscription and cause your Cargo 1 and 2 Sites to revert back to their respective free versions when the Cargo 1 Upgrade ends.