Verifying with Search Console

To verify your domain with Google, first sign into Search Console with your Google account.

Inside Search Console, add your domain into the Search Console list through the Add a Property button. When prompted to choose a verification method, click on the Alternate methods tab.

Choose the Domain name provider radio button, then choose Other from the resulting drop-down menu. A list of instructions will appear; at the bottom of this list, click Add a CNAME record.

The instructions will display two fields: CNAME Label / Host and CNAME Destination / Target. The CNAME Label field includes your domain as well as the text you need to use; you only need the text before the first period. For example, if you see
, you will only need

Navigate to your domain host’s DNS Panel, input the text from the CNAME Label field as a new CNAME record and use the CNAME Destination text as the record's value.

You can reach your domain’s DNS panel through your Cargo Admin → → Manage Your Domains.

Click Add new Record: use the CNAME Label text as the Record Name, and use the CNAME Destination text as the Value. Press OK to add the record to your domain’s DNS, and then press Save Changes.

After making that change to your domain’s DNS, click Verify in Google’s Search Console to have Google attempt to verify your domain. You may need to wait up to an hour before the domain can be successfully verified.